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Implementing the Iraq Housing Policy: Evaluation, Work Plan Institutional Assessment - Home based with Travel to Amman, Jordan and Baghdad, Iraq. - P-5 (UN-HABITAT, Home Based)
Location: Home Based
Country: Jordan
Closing Date: 10/04/2011
Date of issuance: 27/03/2011
Generic Expertise: Land Management
Human Settlements
Monitoring and Evaluation
Housing and Construction
Minimum Years of Experience: 10
Minimum Education: Masters
Consultancy Announcement Code: IP-PSM-12
Specific Expertise: Basic Services Provision
Housing Finance
Land Policies
Land/Housing Tenure
Policies and Strategies
Programme Management
Regulatory Frameworks
Resettlement Planning
Sector Review
Shelter Policies/Strategies
Slum Upgrading
United Nations Core Values: Integrity, Professionalism, Respect for Diversity
Background Iraq has an estimate housing deficit of around 2 million houses (estimated requirement by 2016). To date the Government of Iraq has been directly engaged in housing construction, but has not the capacity to deliver to the level of demand. Housing construction has also been undertaken by households through small contractors, however in order to address the housing situation in Iraq, the Government has identified the need to shift its emphasis from being a supplier of housing to focusing on creating an enabling environment for others actors, in particular the private sector, to have a more substantive role in housing supply. This is captured in the National Housing Policy which was endorsed by the Iraq Council of Ministers in November 2010. It focuses on issues such as land for housing, housing production, housing finance, housing maintenance, informal settlement upgrading and housing construction materials. In order to implement the National Housing Policy a clear work plan is necessary, which establishes institutional roles and responsibilities and budgetary requirement, and in line with this, institutions will in some cases need to be restructured to suit their new functions and capacities strengthened accordingly. The purpose of this assignment is to first 1) Evaluate the housing policies and sub-national strategies so far prepared, in line with recommendations of baseline studies, then 2) to support the Ministry of Construction and Housing (MoCH) and other housing related institutions in developing a work plan for implementing the National Housing Policy, and finally 3) To draft recommendations on institutional restructuring and capacity development in line with the work plan. Key institutions are MoCH, including that State Housing Commission and National Housing Fund, Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works, and to a lesser degree Ministries of Planning, Finance and Justice. Deliverables: 1. Evaluation of key products: relevance, effectiveness and sustainability of National Housing Policy and Sub-national Strategies to address housing sector problems highlighted in the Iraq Housing Market Study and other studies. 2. Evaluation of the process of developing the National Housing Policy and Sub-national Strategies, including recommendations/ lessons learnt that can be applied in developing new strategies 3. Detailed medium term work plan for implementing the National Housing Policy, including all key activities and deliverables, roles and responsibilities of MoCH and housing related institutions and budget for each activity. The work plan will build on the Implementation Plan included in the National Housing Policy 4. Institutional Capacity Assessment (MoCH and housing related institutions) including recommendations on Institutional Realignment and Capacity Development in line with the detailed work plan Prior to the consultancy MoCH will have briefed relevant institutions on the National Housing Policy and the outline implementation plan. MoCH will also mobilize committees within each institution to advise on roles and responsibilities and capacity to deliver. UN-HABITAT will recruit national experts to work with the international consultant. Activities: General 1.1 Review of literature and preparation of inception report prepared by consultant on proposed methodology (2 weeks home based) Related to Deliverables 1 and 2 2.1 Interviews with stakeholders prepared by consultant and facilitated by national experts (1 month home based) 2.2 Consultation workshop (Baghdad 3 days) 2.3 Evaluation reports (2 weeks home based) Related to Deliverables 3 and 4 3.1 Mission: (Baghdad; 5 days) ? Consensus with Steering Committee (National Housing Committee) on agreed outcome and process ? Workshop with relevant institutions to discuss the Housing Policy Implementation Plan. ? Separate discussions with each institution based initially on the Housing Policy Implementation Plan, in view of developing a detailed, budgeted, medium term Work Plan for MoCH and other housing related institutions (hereinafter referred to as Work Plan) for implementing the National Housing Policy ? Briefing sessions with national consultants on follow up work in relation to preparing the Work Plan 3.2 Preparation of Work Plan through electronic consultation with national experts and committees representing relevant institutions (1 month home based) 3.3 Mission: (Baghdad; 5 days) ? Presentation of Work Plan to relevant stakeholders and discussions in order to reach consensus on a final document ? Separate meetings with each institution in regard to current institutional structure and capacities to deliver the Work Plan ? Briefing National Experts on tools for preparing Institutional Assessment Report. The Institutional Assessment Report will cover relevant departments of MoCH and relevant departments of other ministries linked to the housing sector, it will ascertain the current capacities and structural set-up to implement the Work Plan. This will build on the 2007 MoCH Capacity Assessment and include recommendations on improving institutional structures and capacity strengthening in line with the Work Plan. 3.4 Remote supervision of National Experts in relation to the preparation the Institutional Assessment Report. This will include: ? Surveys of relevant institutions in regard to organizational structure, capacities, training received etc. in relation to the detailed work plan ? Preparation of draft Institutional Assessment Report ? Development of capacity development plan for MoCH, including costed TORs for priority trainings, outlining areas where the MoCH Training and Knowledge Centre will contribute (2 months home based) 3.5 Mission: (Baghdad 4 days) ? Separate meetings with each institution in relation to the draft Institutional Assessment Report ? Feedback to Steering Committee (National Housing Committee) 3.6 Preparation of final reports (1 month home based) Contract Duration: Total contract duration: 85 days over 7 months
Post graduate level qualifications in Architecture/ Planning or similar;
At least ten years post qualification experience in the housing sector, and experience in working with government institutions in the sector . Proven track record of team leadership in related assignments.
Excellent ability to write succinct and well articulated reports/documents in English. Fluency in Arabic is also preferred.

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