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State of Arab Cities Consultant - P-2 (UN-HABITAT, Kuwait)
Location: Kuwait
Country: Kuwait
Closing Date: 28/02/2011
Date of issuance: 20/02/2011
Generic Expertise: Monitoring and Evaluation
Public Information
Minimum Years of Experience: 10
Minimum Education: Post Graduate
Consultancy Announcement Code: IP-PSM-10
Specific Expertise: Monitoring systems
Urban Planning
United Nations Core Values: Integrity, Professionalism, Respect for Diversity
The State of Arab Cities 2012 report is envisaged to address the challenge of providing the Arab States’ decision makers and provide urban practitioners and scholars with numerical and analytical information on cities and towns in the Arab States through collection and analysis of timely, accurate and objective data on socio-economic and social conditions, environmental matters, housing, governance and other human settlements-related issues. It also endeavours to review existing public policies for the urban sector. The Arab Cities information and data is rare in the reports, it is of great importance to collect and analyse data from Arab Cities on two levels; 1) Country level through local data collection consultants and; 2) on regional level from Regional institutions and through regional networks. This consultancy falls under the first category mentioned. The overarching objective of this consultancy is to provide the lead author of the state of Arab cities report with raw data, statistics and background reports, academic research about urbanization processes in Iraq and to support the lead author with necessary data interpretations, indicators and research available from various sources. The consultant will make available photographs and prepare a list of data sources for proper citation. The consultant will provide a no more than 25 pages report showing; 1) an assessment of Iraq environment analysis for UN HABITAT Country Programme; 2) a collective picture of Iraq cities’ urban conditions and trends; and; 3) a detailed analyses of their competitiveness, productivity, inclusiveness and urban sustainability. The Consultant will report to the State of Arab Cities Report Lead Author. The UN-HABITAT Office in Kuwait will have the overall day-to-day management and coordination responsibilities for the study and the production of the final draft of the report. To ensure optimal coordination at the regional level, the Arab Towns Organization will partner with UN-HABITAT in the organization and implementation of expert group meetings and draft review meetings and in the identification of local, national and/or regional experts. The Nairobi-based Regional State of the Cities Report Coordinator will provide overall substantive backstopping and guidance. The consultant is expected to proactively engage in sub-regional level data collection, interpretation and analyses through the identification of reliable sources of regional urban data. He/she will be expected to actively engage in online exchanges with the Lead Author and to alert UN-HABITAT of any emerging issues within Iraq that need the attention of policy makers at the local and central government levels. More specifically, the Consultant will be expected to undertake the following agreed activities within the assignment: 1. To provide a report listing all expected data sources, intended partners and networks. 2. To engage in data collection, analysis and preparation of text boxes; 3. To highlight and analyse disparities and competitive advantages of Iraq Cities; 4. To prepare essays, boxes, maps and other visuals for Iraq cities; 5. To provide the lead author with a preliminary draft of the State of Iraq Cities report of no more than 15 pages; 6. To participate in the expert group meeting during the 1st and 2nd quarters of 2011; 7. To prepare a presentation on the key findings to be used in Expert Group meetings; The expected deliverables will be: 1) list of materials collected with detailed sources; 2) Statistics and indicators collected and ordered as per the annotated table of content for Iraq Cities together with; 3) a report on the peculiarity of Iraq Cities following the annotated table of content of no more than 15 pages (including, tables, boxes, graphs, illustrations and photos with copyright certification) in the English or Arabic language (which will be translated to the other language). A detailed annotated table of content was reviewed and endorsed during an expert group meeting in Kuwait on 28-29 April 2010. The specialist will inform UN-HABITAT Kuwait Office project team of developments and progress of work throughout the phases of the assignment. The specialist will perform any additional tasks required within the framework of the assignment. Duration of Assignment: 20 days within a duration of a month and a half Payment: Lump sum will be paid at the end of all the assignments.
Advanced University degree in one or more of the following areas: Planning, Engineering, Policy and urban studies, urban and regional planning, statistics and data analysis, or a related discipline;
A minimum of 10 years proven experience in policy and urban data analysis, research, development of reports and work experience at regional level and/or regional institutions in the Gulf States. The preferred candidate will have experience working in the sub-region under review and demonstrate ability to access information from various sources at sub-regional level.
English and French are the two working languages of the United Nations secretariat. For this assignment knowledge of spoken and written Arabic is required. • Professionalism: Demonstrated ability to develop and deliver high quality report drafts, observing standards and timeliness; • Communication: Excellent communication skills and ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing complex information in a clear and concise manner to all audiences; • Teamwork: Ability to work effectively with a diverse team of people, fostering team spirit through building trust and commitment to common objectives; and • Leadership: Provides leadership and takes responsibility for incorporating gender perspectives and ensuring the equal participation of women and men in all areas of work. Identifies the key issues in a complex situation, and comes to the heart of the problem quickly. Proposes a course of action or makes a recommendation based on all available information. • Other skills: demonstrated ability to collate, analyse and interpret data sets in raw and processed forms as well as urban indicators.

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