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Shelter Strategy Workshop Facilitator-Home Based - P-4 (UN-HABITAT, Amman)
Location: Amman
Country: Jordan
Closing Date: 31/01/2011
Date of issuance: 20/01/2011
Generic Expertise: Planning
Human Settlements
Training and Capacity Building
Urban Management/ Governance
Housing and Construction
Monitoring and Evaluation
Land Management
Minimum Years of Experience: 10
Minimum Education: Masters
Consultancy Announcement Code: IP-PSM-9
Specific Expertise: Architecture
Basic Services Provision
Community Based Delivery of Ur
Community Based Development
Community Services
Conflict Management
Development of Training Materi
Development Policy
Housing Design and Standards
Housing Finance
Housing Management and Maintenance
Institutional Development
Land Policies
Land/Housing Tenure
Monitoring systems
Participatory Planning
Partnerships among stakeholder
Planning Standards
Policies and Strategies
Post Disaster Institutional Rehabilitation
Post-disaster reconstruction
Resettlement Planning
Shelter Policies/Strategies
Standards, Codes and Regulations
Surveying/Land use planning and regulations
Training Delivery
Training Design, Monitoring and
Training Impact Evaluation
Urban Planning
United Nations Core Values: Integrity, Professionalism, Respect for Diversity
UNHCR estimates that there still around 1,500,000 IDPs in Iraq following the post 2006 displacement, of which more than 500,000 are in squatter settlements. In partnership with the Ministry of Migration and Displacement (MODM) under the project “Improving Access to Shelter for IDPs” UN-HABITAT is tasked to prepare a strategy for MODM to support the Ministry in Reaching Durable Shelter Solutions for IDPs. “A durable solution is achieved when IDPs no longer have specific assistance and protection needs that are linked to their displacement and such persons can enjoy their human rights without discrimination resulting from their displacement.” A durable solution can be achieved through: ? Sustainable reintegration at the place of origin (return) ? Sustainable local integration in areas where internally displaced persons take refuge (local integration) ? Sustainable integration in another part of the country (settlement elsewhere in the country) Durable solutions require IDPs to have an adequate standard of living; safety and security; access to livelihoods; restoration of housing, land and property; access to documentation; family reunification; participation in public affairs; and access to effective remedies and justice. The Government of Iraq’s long term strategy to address the needs of displaced persons is documented in the National Policy on Displacement, drafted by the Ministry of Displacement and Migration with input from UNHCR and announced on 23/05/2008. Within this wider framework, the Strategy will focus on how to support IDPs in sustainably achieving the right to adequate housing and the recognition of property rights. The Strategy Document will provide a general overview of the IDP situation, with reference to data from MoDM and other sources, highlighting key bottlenecks in achieving the right to adequate housing and the recognition of property rights, and will review current initiatives and provide realistic strategies on: ? Access to Land for Housing; ? Settlement of Property Disputes; ? Communities affected by displacement; ? Housing Options; and, ? Housing Finance. A rough outline of the document has been prepared by UN-HABITAT in discussion with MoDM, which will be finalized by the International Consultant responsible for preparing the strategy. The preparation of the Strategy document, by 15th April 2011, through extensive collaboration with MoDM and related stakeholders (MoCH, MMPW, MoP, Civil Society) will require holding workshops with stakeholders and working groups from related ministries to review related data (collected from the field) and studies in order to provide initial recommendations on findings of the studies Duties of the consultant: 1. The Consultant will plan and facilitate the first Stakeholder Workshop, 2. Brief working group members on their duties in regard to the workshop and give training in selected topics as directed by project manager. 3. Assist in organizing the presentation of draft reports, 4. facilitate breakout group discussions 5. Provide inputs to the workshop report. 6. The Consultant will plan and facilitate a second workshop where the Strategy Document is shared and discussed, and recommendations agreed on for revision. • 22 February : facilitate the first workshop for three days (Amman) • April: facilitate the second Workshop in Amman/Erbil after the strategy has been shared, in preparation of a final draft that is handed to MoDM.
• Masters degree in Architecture, & Planning; plus humanitarian practice
Experience, no less than 10 years in the following fields: Training & Capacity building; Settlements, Institutional Development, Post Disaster Institutional Rehabilitation, Post disaster reconstruction, Participatory Planning, Land Policies, Surveying/Land use planning and regulations, Housing Construction Technology, Monitoring and Evaluation
Fluency in English

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