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Water and Sanitation Sector Reform Consultant (PART TIME)- Amman Based with occasional travel to Baghdad/Iraq - P-4 (UN-HABITAT, Amman)
Location: Amman
Country: Jordan
Closing Date: 19/01/2011
Date of issuance: 05/01/2011
Generic Expertise: Community Development
Minimum Years of Experience: 15
Minimum Education: Masters
Consultancy Announcement Code: IP/PSM-7
Specific Expertise: Development Policy
Domestic Wastes Collection and
Environment Planning and Manag
Industrial and Hazardous Waste Management
Institution Building
Institutional Development
Legislation/Institutional Arrangements
Organizational Management Assessment (OMA)
Policies and Strategies
Policy and Finance
Pricing Policy/Cost Recovery
Private Sector Delivery of Urban Services
Programme Review
Public Administration/Political Science
Sewage Collection Systems/Pumping Stations
Sewage Treatment
Storm Drainage
Strategic and Action Planning
Surface Water Sources
Water and Sanitation
Water Conservation
United Nations Core Values: Integrity, Professionalism, Respect for Diversity
Project Background UN-HABITAT, in association with UNDP and UNICEF is supporting the Government of Iraq (GoI) to implement a major Iraq Public Sector Modernisation (I-PSM) programme. The I-PSM programme is a US$ 55 million Joint Programme of the UN established to support the GoI in modernising the public sector by adopting a public sector reform strategy and implementing it in three sectors. UNDP is the lead agency providing technical support to the reform process with sector lead support provided by UN-HABITAT and UNICEF for the Water and Sanitation Sector to be collectively referred to as the implementing agencies. The programme is a response to a number of well recognised public sector governance constraints which seriously impact service delivery and efficiency. These constraints include (i) under investment in public service management (ii) reduced civil service management capacities particularly at senior management levels (iii) a doubling of public sector staffing over the last five years (iii) overlapping and in places obsolete functions (iv) extremely low levels of automation (v) a lowering of fiduciary standards and increased corruption. Preparation of a Public Sector Reform Strategy will set the enabling framework for comprehensive public sector reform, with efforts focussed on strengthening the civil service legal framework through implementation of a modern Civil Service Law; building civil service management capacity, addressing issues such as corruption, strengthening the administrative structure and functionality with the introduction of improved systems as well as defining reform and modernisation plans for target sectors that propose new service delivery models for key sectors such as education, health, water and sanitation. As an input to the first phase the Water and Sanitation Consultant is required to prepare a written report and presentation detailing the links and learning between the objectives and scope of the I-PSM project and other projects being undertaken in Iraq. II. POST OBJECTIVES AND TASKS The objective of the post is to learn lessons from reform programmes currently being implemented in Iraq and on the basis of this knowledge provide strategy advise to the implementing agencies and programme partners on reform options for the domestic water and sanitation sector and to assist implementing agencies in building GoI support and understanding of the reform options in the water and sanitation sector. The consultant will support the UN-HABITAT team in managing the delivery of three key outputs from the preparatory phase. Specifically through: (a) Undertaking a functional review of water and sanitation sector at national and sub-national levels, including existing local governance arrangements is completed, (b) Preparing alternative costed service delivery model for the water and sanitation sector which are thoroughly assessed by government and (c) Preparing a road maps for water and sanitation sector reform with accompanying modernization plans The Water and Sanitation Consultant will work under the supervisor of the Senior Water and Sanitation Reform Consultant who in turn is works under the supervision of the Senior Programme Officer - Urban Governance, Land and Housing (UGLH). A. Strategic advise on Reform Options 1. Support the Senior Water and Sanitation Reform Consultant in the UN-HABITAT /UNICEF through the development co-ordination and support of the Water and Sanitation to GoI-I-PSM Phase I and provide background analysis and learning from other relevant programmes including Tatweer. Outputs i. Preparation of written and verbal advise and recommendations on ongoing links between Tatweer and I-PSM and the follow up project Tarabot. 2. Support cooperation efforts between UNICEF/UN-HABITAT to support a fully integrated approach to the I-PSM in the Water and Sanitation Sector Outputs i. improved agency and inter-agency coordination through development of a joint work plan with UNICEF and lead the development of a joint workplan with UNICEF and UNDP. B. Building Support with Government on Reform Options 1. Supporting member of the phase 1 Technical Pool Team meeting in Baghdad and Amman and facilitate discussions with the Ministerial Advisory Committee on water and sanitation reports. 2. Preparation of content, senior level briefing material and facilitation of workshops to communicate overall objectives of the I-PSM and linkages to the Iraq National Development Plan and other relevant programmes 3. Support the design of a change management process. Based on the proposed service delivery model prepare a document setting out the elements of a change management process. The process will specify a phased strategy including the establishment and training of change management groups and development of a advocacy and communication strategy. C. Implementation of Phase I process and deliverables 1. Support the implementation of Phase I process and deliverables as required.
Advanced university degree with a minimum of Masters Degree in Public Administration, Political Science, Economics and Law, International Relations or Engineering/Environmental Science and another related field.
• At least fifteen years post qualification experience in public sector governance with a strong focus on public administrative reform, civil service report, service delivery and decentralisation. • Experience administering major public sector programmes with, and providing advice and assistance to, staff in both line Ministries and other government agencies. • Working knowledge and application of sectoral review and functional assessments within the water and sanitation sector and the • Working knowledge of up to date national water and sanitation policy initiatives such as the creation of Public Water Utilities and application of market-based water pricing. • Confident consensus building skills with senior executives and politicians as well as strong public speaking, facilitating and presentation skills. • Experience in the Arab Regions and/or Iraq. • Ability to lead a change management process in a challenging environment Competencies :- Functional and operational effectiveness : Strong analytical, writing and advocacy skills. Skills and understanding of water policy and reform issues, Skills in results-orientated programme development and implementation. Communication : Strong interpersonal skills and ability to communicate convincingly orally and in writing on complex subjects. Corporate : Knowledge of and demonstrable commitment to UN’s Core Value; respect for individual, gender and cultures difference in deal with others and to achieving the goals of the programme.
Fluency in written and spoken English. Knowledge (spoken, reading) of Arabic would be a strong advantage

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