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Land Management Field Study Facilitator - P-5 (UN-HABITAT, Iraq)
Location: Iraq
Country: Germany
Closing Date: 25/11/2010
Date of issuance: 15/11/2010
Generic Expertise: Land Management
Training and Capacity Building
Urban Management/ Governance
Minimum Years of Experience: 15
Minimum Education: Masters
Consultancy Announcement Code: IP-PSM-6
Specific Expertise: Decentralization
Land Information Systems/Cadastres
Land Market Analysis
Land Markets
Land Policies
Land/Housing Tenure
Legislation/Institutional Arrangements
Municipal Management and Administration
Registration/Land Administration
United Nations Core Values: Integrity, Professionalism, Respect for Diversity
Consultant to organize and facilitate a field study visit to Germany for Iraq Land Reform working group to learn about Public Land Management in Transition. Background: Under the Private Sector Development Programme in Iraq, a Working Group for Regulating Land Tenure and Utilisation was established through the Presidential Order 59 for the year 2010 The mandate of the working group is to make recommendations to the Council of Ministers on policies and legislation in order to improve practices in the management of public land in order to make land available for economic development. A conference co-hosted by UN-HABITAT and World Bank, with the participation of key institutions involved in the management of Iraq Public Land took place in May 2010, where it was suggested that a wider land policy process should be initiated through the coordination of all relevant institutions and interest groups concerned with the management of public land. The purpose of the study visit is to build awareness of the Working Group in good practices of public land management as relevant to Iraq, to define a road map for the deliverables of the working group, and to draft a road map for a land policy reform process. A study trip to Germany would highlight well established systems of public land management at Federal and sub-national levels, and will incorporate important lessons from the Unification of Germany from 1990 relevant to Iraq’s transitional context. The Study Visit will include but not be limited to: a. Role and function of institutions at all the different levels in the Federal State of Germany for securing land tenure, land administration, guiding land markets (public and private sector) and facilitating urban and rural development b. Policy issues and the normative framework c. Management and disposal of public land in urban areas after unification (for example Berlin) d. Management and disposal of public land in rural areas (transition experience and problems encountered) e. Effective linkages between the modernised land register and the cadastre f. The organisation of land markets and the role of the mortgage markets g. The role of the private sector, private sector investments, land developers and public private partnership h. Urban planning and land tools for urban development i. Rural planning and land tools for rural development j. New technologies and cost-effective procedures k. Modernising professional education l. Visiting operational projects / working environments for exchange of experiences The Study Tour will take place in Germany during the second half of January 2011. The Consultant is required to 1. Organise the tour, ensuring the involvement of relevant stakeholders including German Government involved in land management; and ensuring that items listed above, plus additional items that may be requested by the Working Group are well presented 2. Support of logistical arrangements related to visas, hotel bookings and translations 3. Participate throughout the study visit 4. Facilitate Workshop discussions in relation to a road map for the Working Group, and in relation to the preparation of a position paper on the development of a Public Land Management Policy, for discussion with relevant Iraqi decision makers 5. Deliver at least 3 presentations on global experiences in the development of Land Policies, German Experience of land management in transition, German Public Land Management Practices and systems 6. Prepare a field study visit report, outlining main lessons learnt, and key issues in relation to the Iraq context The field study will take 6-8 days, with 6 preparation days and 2 day to prepare a final report. In total 16 days.
The Consultant must have a Master’s degree or equivalent in Public Land Management or related field
at least 15 years experience, working with Governments on improving systems and policies in relation to Public Land Management. Significant experience and connections with Federal and sub-national German Authorities in order to facilitate the programme of support.
Must be proficient in German and English languages

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