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Consultant to Support Urban Planning/LED Steering Committee - P-5 (UN-HABITAT, Home Based)
Location: Home Based
Country: Jordan
Closing Date: 22/11/2010
Date of issuance: 11/11/2010
Generic Expertise: Planning
Urban Management/ Governance
Human Settlements
Minimum Years of Experience: 10
Minimum Education: Post Graduate
Consultancy Announcement Code: IP-PSM-5
Specific Expertise: Development of Training Materi
Development Policy
Financial Appraisal/Economic Analysis
Financial Management
Fund Raising
Planning Standards
Policies and Strategies
Programme Management
Programme Review
Urban Economics
Urban Planning
Urban Upgrading
United Nations Core Values: Integrity, Professionalism, Respect for Diversity
UN-HABITAT’s Local Government Association and Urban Development Capacity Building Project aims to provide technical assistance to the Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works (MMPW) for the preparation of city master plans and for enhancing the skills of the professional planning staff in the Ministry’s Physical Planning and Municipalities Directorates involved in reconstruction, urban planning and local economic development activities. Two of the Project’s immediate objectives include improving the capacity of Iraqi planners with the MMPW and the Kurdistan Ministry of Municipalities (KMM) in the areas of urban planning and reconstruction, development control and management and implementation of local economic development planning. The Project also aims to support the Iraqi Municipal Association by UN-HABITAT offering its technical experience to further develop the bureaucratic foundations of Iraqi Municipal Association as well as the technical skills of its members. At a recent workshop featuring participants and implementers, it was determined that it would be valuable to establish a national, GoI-led steering committee responsible for all capacity building aspects related to urban planning throughout all of Iraq. UN-HABITAT seeks a consultant to provide needed technical support and guidance to such a steering committee. The overall objective of the Consultant is to help launch, and then to assist this steering committee to better serve Iraq’s planning needs This will be done by: • Developing a TOR for the Steering Committee • Develop a detailed work plan in consultation with Committee members • Carry out a scoping study for key issues related to Iraq urban planning and local economic development Support the steering committee through its work plan and in producing its deliverables The assignment will include five key activities Activity I - Draft Foundational Documents for the Steering Committee The appropriate and relevant members of the Steering Committee have been proposed and agreed upon. However, more clarity is needed for their roles, objectives, and their method(s) of interplay with national, local, and international stakeholders. Activity II - Draft Steering Committee Work Plan Activity III – Consultant contribution to work plan activities overseen by the Steering Committee. Activity IV - Stakeholders Awareness and Participation Activity V - Monitoring & Evaluation The assignment should be participatory in its approach, ensuring that views and concerns of different stakeholders, particularly of the MoP, MMPW, Amanat Baghdad, and the Iraq Local Government Association, the specific stakeholders and partners these organizations have identified for the Steering Committee initiative. During the inception phase, continuous consultation with the UN-HABITAT Project Manager, UN-HABITAT Team Leader in Iraq, and the Iraq MoP. The Consultant will report directly to the Amman based UN-HABITAT Project Managers and will also ensure that they are kept informed of project activities and/or developments on a regular basis. The Consultant should also consider the peculiarity of Iraq situation and ensure that project-related recommendations, activities, and work plans respond to the needs of Iraq vulnerable groups and are gender sensitive. The consultant will inform UN-HABITAT project team of developments and progress of work throughout the phases of the assignment. The consultant will perform any additional tasks required within the framework of the assignment.
Post graduate/graduate level qualifications in Urban Planning/Urban Design and Architecture;
At least ten years post qualification experience related to land planning and management and particularly organisational development and support for capacity building of the planning profession. Proven track record of team leadership/project management in related assignments. A registered professional with any local affiliated professional institutions.
Excellent ability to write succinct and well articulated reports/documents in English.

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